The American Modelica Conference
Dallas, October 26-28, 2022

Deadline for submission of industrial user presentations and tutorials extended to July 1st!

Preliminary Conference Schedule

Building Energy 1

Wüllhorst, F., Maier, L., Jansen, D., Hering, D. and Müller, D., BESMod - A Modelica Library providing Building Energy System Modules
Fu, H., Blum, D. and Wetter, M., Fan and Pump Efficiency in Modelica based on the Euler Number
Ma, J., Kim, D., and Braun, J.E., Transient Simulation of an Air-source Heat Pump under Cycling of Frosting and Reverse-cycle Defrosting

Building Energy 2

Firsich, T., Yang, Z., and O’Neill, Z., Development and Validation of a Modelica Model for the Texas A&M Smart and Connected Homes Testbed
Qiao, H., and Laughman, C., Performance Enhancements for Zero-Flow Simulation of Vapor Compression Cycles
Faulkner, C.A., Castellini Jr., J.E., Lou, Y., Zuo, W., Lorenzetti, D.M., and Sohn, M.D., Tradeoffs Between Indoor Air Quality and Sustainability for Indoor Virus Mitigation Strategies in Office Buildings


Reiner, M., Simulation of the on-orbit construction of structural variable modular spacecraft by robots
Podlaski, M., Vanfretti, L., Niemiec, R., and Gandhi, F., Extending a Multicopter Analysis Tool using Modelica and FMI for Integrated eVTOL Aerodynamic and Electrical Drivetrain Design
Coïc, C., Budinger, M., and Delbecq, S., Multirotor drone sizing and trajectory optimization within Modelon Impact

Power Generation

Pham, L.N.H., and Winkler, D., Applying Design of Experiments Method for the Verification of a Hydropower System
del Barrio, I.L., Cestero, J., Quartulli, M., Olaizola, I.G., Aginako, N., and Ugartemendia, J.J., Using Multi-Physics Simulation to Estimate Energy Flexibility for Local Demand Response Strategies in a Microgrid
del Castro Fernandes, M., et al, Power System Real-Time Simulation using Modelica and the FMI


Tiller, M., A Playground for the Modelica Language
Nachawati, M.O., Bullegas, G., Gregory, J., Vasilyev, A., Pop, A., Elaasar, M., and Asghar, A., Towards an Open Platform for Democratized Model-Based Design and Engineering of Cyber-Physical Systems
Hatledal, L.I., and Fagerhaug, E., Enhancing SSP development using SSPGen

Model-Based Design

Laera, G., et al, Guidelines and Use Cases for Power Systems Dynamic Modeling and Model Verification using Modelica
Paknikar, R., Sharma, N., Nayak, P., Moudgalya, K., and Raman, B., Discretising System-Level Modelling and Simulation Scheduling
Batteh, J., and Gohl, J., Material Production Process Modeling with Automated Modelica Models From IBM Rational Rhapsody

User Presentations 1

Zuo, W. et al., Model-Based Optimization for a Campus District Cooling System
Pan, C., and Li, Y., Hybrid Model Predictive Control of Chiller Plant with Thermal Energy Storage Evaluated with Modelica-Python Co-Simulation
Blum, D., The Use of Modelica and the Functional Mockup Interface for the Building Optimization Testing Framework (BOPTEST)
Phalak, K., and Gupta, D., Use of TRACE 3D Plus Models with Spawn for Rapid Prototype Development in Modelica Environment
Yang, T., Filonenko, K., Zuluaga, I., and Veje, C., Comparative Analysis of Price-based Control Strategies for a High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage System

User Presentations 2

Bortoff, S.A., Modelica-Based Control of a Delta Robot
Ma, Y., Fischer, K., Rackauckas, C., and Shah, V., Prototyping Composable Simplification Passes for Equation-Oriented Models Using ModelingToolkit.jl
Jacob, R., and Zhang, J., Modeling and Control of Nuclear-Renewable Integrated Energy Systems for Electricity and Hydrogen Production
Gavan, V., Chombart, P., Duprat, C., Fricker, J., Radet, B. and Maquin, K., Innovative concepts and application for large scale and multimode systems : use case study of heat networks
Wang, J., Jacob, R., and Zhang, J., Reinforcement Learning based Control of Integrated Energy Systems using ModelicaGym